Frequently Asked Questions

What is EventMx?
EventMx is an event hosting platform, specially designed for event ticket selling. EventMx has made its platform extremely easy to enroll and host an event. Creating various categories of tickets with customized price are easy to implement within a couple of minutes.
Can anybody create events using the platform?
EventMx is careful regarding what kind of event is being hosted. Hence all the events submitted by the event organizers are subjected to the admin’s approval. Once the admin verifies the event the organizer of the event is notified and the event is placed live on the portal.
How are tickets created?
Once the organizer logs in to the organizer’s dashboard of EventMx, he/she will be able to see a menu called Tickets. This menu will take the organizer to the ticket management portal. In this section, the organizer will be able to create various categories and labels for tickets along with their selling price. The quota and cost for each ticket can be defined. Once, these categories and tickets are created along with their quotas, the details are stored in the system of EventMx to start selling the ticket.
How to buy a ticket from EventMx?
A user can browse various events hosted under EventMx. Once any listed event is clicked, the user can then see the details of events like event dates, event schedules, speakers, organizers, and available tickets. The user can choose from among the listed tickets and buy single tickets or multiple tickets on behalf of his/her friends by putting in the details. These tickets are then generated and sent via email in the form of a QR code. Having a copy of the QR saved in the phone is all the user needs to participate in the system.
Can I share my QR ticket with friends and family?
Each time the user participates in the event, the QR is scanned by the organizers through the mobile app. A scanned QR means a used ticket. Hence, if you share the QR with your friends, and if the QR is used by your friend, you will not be able to participate using the same QR. The organizer might demand extra verification if needed to match the identity.
How can I pay for the tickets to events I want to participate in?
There are various local wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, etc. integrated into the portal for Nepali users and VISA card payment for international and Nepali users. The user may use a convenient channel for payment.
What can I do in case of a dispute in ticket purchase or abuse?
In case of dispute, you can contact our support team through the contact information provided on Contact Us page. You might further be escalated to third party payment system’s support if needed.